5 Powerful Reasons for Having a MAC® Battery

Cycle Plus Technology

New CYCLE PLUS Technology that allows longer life cycles

Long Lasting Life

Alloy grind that reduce corrosion, minimize its growth and avoid shorts, which means more cycle life

Energy Power

High starting power for better performance

Safe & Leak Proof

Sealed battery SureTop Technology

Total Warranty

Supported by global leader in batteries

Why Choose MAC® Batteries

MAC® batteries, now with new Cycle Plus technology : patented grid with ultimate alloy generation that gives 20% longer cycle lifes to the battery*. *vs. brand referendes with old grid technologies. Yes Yes Yes No
Suretop™ is the new technology that we have developed and patented to provide the highest possible security to our drivers and extend the maximum life of your MAC® Battery. Yes Yes Yes No
Preferred OE Colombian supplier. Yes Yes Yes No
CLARIOS: With the world´s largest automotive battery manufacturer technology. Yes Yes Yes No
More leadership: Extensive porfolio with references for all types of vehicles and users. Yes Yes Yes No
Confidence: market leader Brand with more tan 60 years of tradition and innovation. Yes Yes Yes No
More Energy: Suitable for vehicles that requiered more energy demand. Yes Yes  
Start-Stop: Stuitable for vehicles with start-stop technology. Yes    No
Warranty: With the support of a specialized national network. *6 moths for public services. 24 months18 months15 monthsSince 6 months


History of MAC® Batteries

With sixty five (65) years of history, the MAC® Brand is synonymous with Responsible Care and Trusworthy Energy.

  1. 2016-2019

    Johnson Controls Power Solutions separates from Johnson Controls International, LLC. to become its own entity, Clarios.


    New SureTop and Cycle Plus Technologies. Innovating with new product lines, the most advanced technology in batteries: AGM

  2. 2013-2014

    In 2013, the new MAC® Gold Plus Battery enters the market, especially manufactured for vehicles that demand a high level of energy. In 2014, MAC® is recognized by Johnson Controls as one of the best global brands of automotive batteries.
  3. 2004-2010

    In 2004, we entered the Middle East market. In 2010, Johnson Controls Inc, and MAC® S.A. created a Joint Venture to strengthen their leadership in the automobile markets of South and Central America and the Caribbean.

  4. 2002-2003

    In 2002, three (3) very important things took place: (1) the development of the new battery design completely sealled based on the BCI standards; (2) the improvement of the battery recycling plant to increase productivity and minimize the environmental risks; (3) entry into the United States, Puerto Rico and Bolivian markets.In 2003, the first contract to supply products was made with Johnson Controls Inc.
  5. 1996-1997

    The year of 1996 marked the beginning of sales to the Venezuelan market. In 1997, sales began in the markets of Costa Rica and Chile.
  6. 1994-1995

    In 1994, the MAC® Battery for the tropics is launched.In 1995, MAC ®Battery was introduced for sales in the Peruvian and Panamanian markets.
  7. 1991-1993

    In 1991, a contract was signed for technical support with Johnson Controls, Inc. the largest battery manufacturer in the world.The MAC® Foundation is created to support MAC® business training.In 1993, the first steps are taken towards internationalizing the MAC® brand in the Ecuadorian market.
  8. 1968-1973

    In 1968, the MAC® Battery brand was created. In 1973, they became the suppliers of original equipment for the Renault and Chrysler assemblers.
  9. 1964-1967

    In 1964, Ernesto invited his brother José Antonio to join him as a partner, who became his right hand man in the administrative area and the company called Mejia Amaya y CIA LTDA. was born.In 1967, they become battery manufacturers on an Industrial Level.
  10. 1957-1960

    In 1957, Ernesto purchased a workshop for maintenance and battery reconstruction from his supervisor. In 1960, he signed his first contract for the assembly and production of batteries, on behalf of his old supervisor.
  11. 1948-1956

    In 1948, when he was thirteen (13) years old, Ernesto Mejia Amaya, traveled to Argentina with his family in search of new horizons.There he learned about the battery industry from Italian migrants in the city of Junin, Province of Buenos Aires.In 1956, his family returned to Colombia and Ernesto was hired as an electromechanic at the ¨Distribuidora de Baterias¨ (Battery Distributors) in the city of Cali.