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8. Forget the idea of fixing it

1. It is better to be safe than sorry 2. Attach it very well 3. Don't get too excited with the party. 4. Learn to recharge it yourself 5. Just in case you go on a trip 6. Pay Attention 7. Time to replace the battery 8. Forget the idea of fixing it 9. And if you have to ask for a warranty?
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Of course, there are workshops that offer services to repair batteries, but this is not the most appropriate thing to do. First, because it is not recommended touching the internal components of the battery, because they would never work in the same way again. The sealed batteries maintain its components intact in the interior of same, preventing the altering of the chemical balance, and for this reason they do not require maintenance, because all the elements are protected. The second reason the battery should not be repaired is because, fixing or changing it, may generate wide contamination. For this reason it is best to go to the experts at a Specialized Service Center, so that the appropriate recycling of all the components can be completed in the correct manner.In this way, you will be helping to protect the planet.