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2. Attach it very well

1. It is better to be safe than sorry 2. Attach it very well 3. Don't get too excited with the party. 4. Learn to recharge it yourself 5. Just in case you go on a trip 6. Pay Attention 7. Time to replace the battery 8. Forget the idea of fixing it 9. And if you have to ask for a warranty?
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It sounds like a myth, but it is true:if the battery is not attached to the car very carefully it also deteriorates faster. And why, you might ask, if that has nothing to do with the electrical system? Because even if you cannot see it, the interior of the battery is a complex system of multiple connections and active materials that allows for the accumulation and distribution of energy to the car. If the battery does not have a good support that will keep it in a fixed position, the excess of vibrations will loosen these connections and active material, ruining the battery.