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3. Don't get too excited with the party.

1. It is better to be safe than sorry 2. Attach it very well 3. Don't get too excited with the party. 4. Learn to recharge it yourself 5. Just in case you go on a trip 6. Pay Attention 7. Time to replace the battery 8. Forget the idea of fixing it 9. And if you have to ask for a warranty?
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Many people use their vehicle as a sound system; they leave the lights on when the motor is not on, they connect loudspeakers when the car is turned off, incorporate accessories such as a GPS, television, screens, led lights, among others. All this generates additional drain on the battery and for this reason it will not last very long. What all these actions really do is run-down the battery. The reason is simple: when the battery is functioning with the car on, it completes all the charge and discharge cycles as it has been designed to do and all the internal components work appropriately. But when the car is turned off, and many of the accessories are turned on, the battery simply runs-down and looses power faster. The ideal situation, if you want to have a party in the car, is to install an alternator with a higher capacity and an appropriate battery for this type of use (deep cycles). But keep in mind, you will probably need a bigger battery.If all of this sounds too complex, simply moderate your behavior and make sure that you don’t leave anything on when the vehicle is turned off.