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new suretop™ technology

Sure Top one step ahead in technology - two batteries gold plus and silver plus

Your MAC® batteries connect you one step ahead with technology. New Suretop™ Technology.

Suretop™ is the new concept that we have developed and patented to provide the highest possible security to our drivers and extend the maximum life of your MAC® Battery.

At MAC® we know that when your car is in an accident, the battery may spill its contents inappropriately. The Suretop™ battery is a perfectly guaranteed hermetically sealed system that will prevent any explosion should the car suffer an impact. It is also designed with an environmentally user friendly system that picks up all the traditional ventilation systems of the battery and integrates them into a single module, ensuring the appropriate recombination of gases and dispersion of same into the atmosphere.

With Suretop™ the battery cannot be uncovered once is has completed the manufacturing process. For this reason, there is no loss of electrolytes in battery use, which will guarantee that the source of energy in your car will be kept in perfect order and will lengthen the useful life of same.

The Suretop™ technology is already available for the SILVER PLUS and GOLD PLUS lines. Find them at your closest point of sale. You will recognize the new shape on the top lid and the Suretop™ seal.

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