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At MAC Batteries we think of the demand and high level of performance required by your van and the needs you have as a driver, to trust the continuity and perfect supply of power to the electrical system of your vehicle, preventing future headaches and ensuring the ideal care of your Van.

What is the best battery for Vans, Pickup Trucks or SUV´s?

When the time comes to think about batteries for trucks and buses, we have to consider the demands made by the engine and the ability to withstand different climate conditions.For this reason, MAC Batteries has developed energy accumulators, with a high degree of technology, to ensure the proper operation and long life of same.

How do you choose the best battery replacement for my car, van, truck or bus?

At the moment of replacing the battery of your van, pickup truck or suv, we recommend that you confirm two (2) very important aspects of same: the condition of your vehicle and the quality and/or characteristics of the battery that will be placed in it.Regarding the conditions of your vehicle, you must clearly recognize the references that the manufacturer recommends, such as the specifications regarding the power and the size of the box which must be precise.Likewise, you must note any additional accessories that you have installed that also generate energy consumption.

Keeping these requirements in mind, the next step is to validate the characteristics of the battery.For this reason, it is important to ensure the good condition of the electrical system of your car, backed by a recognized brand that guarantees power, durability and safety, as your MAC Battery does.

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What is the average life of a van, pickup or SUV battery?

It is important that your vehicle battery complies with the minimum requirements recommended by the manufacturer. The starter battery is designed solely and exclusively for surface, quick and instantaneous discharges, such as those that occur during the start-up of the vehicle. Its useful life is given by the fulfillment of the charge and discharge cycles.

The battery can also fail due to external factors due to a faulty electrical system in the vehicle as well as other factors outside the battery such as: OVERLOAD, OVER-HEATING and INSUFFICIENT LOAD.

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