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Evolution and innovation have always been a constant at MAC Batteries.For this reason, today, we are pleased to welcome you to our new web site, where you will be able to find all the information you need to keep you always connected to the best energy.

We have designed and built the web site keeping several things in mind:

We know that the rhythm of your life demands that you always are on the go, and that if your vehicle does not start-up every morning you are not going to make it.For this reason, we will give you all the information you need to provide your automobile with the appropriate MAC battery and we will also tell you where you can find it in whatever country you might be in, how to extend its useful life, how to access the product guarantee and what to do at the moment you need to change it.You can find all the information regarding our products and points of sale.

We know that in today´s world we spend many hours inside our car.

While we drive we listen to good music, enjoy some good company, we think of our dreams and goals, or simply enjoy the scenery.For this reason, we want to help make sure that your battery is always in good shape.

At the web site you will find videos where the expert, Mr. Ricardo Soler, shares educational information in ways of extending the useful life of your battery, saving you some money in maintenance and continue keeping good memories on wheels.

We know that the driver in the XXI Century wants to be informed before making any type of purchase and that the experiences of other people are a vital part of making those important decisions.For this reason, at the web site we share the testimony of the users that have already tried the MAC Batteries and can help you make that important decision.

At the same time, you will always find the latest news regarding the activities, campaigns, offers and launches that we carry out in all the markets where our products are present.

If you are part of our distribution network, from there you can access all the tools we have designed for our allies in the whole world.If you want to know a bit about our history and out work to preserve the plant, you can find everything you need to know.

Welcome once again.If you have any comments about our new image, please do not hesitate in making your thoughts available to us, through the Section called Contact Us, or if you prefer, you can reach us through the social networks.Your feedback will help us provide more and better service.

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