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We know that all cars are not the same

We understand the differences that exist between them and the multiple uses and demands to which they are submitted in today’s world. For this reason, we have created car batteries that have been adjusted to your needs.Whether it is a family car, a public service vehicle, a complex heavy-duty vehicle or a modern car equipped with accessories and high-end features, MAC Batteries offers you a power supply solution tailor-made to each one of them.

What is the best battery for your vehicle?

If you have asked yourself, which would be the best battery for my car, van or truck, here is an understandable explanation that will allow you to make the correct purchase decision.

The battery is a piece of equipment that is used to accummulte energy that is required for all the electrical compponents of your car, van or truck to allow it to function.In other words, it’s what operates the starter, ignition system and fuel pumps, among others.It also provides energy to other equipment that function, with the car turned off, such as the radio or the lights.If something fails in the electrical system, or the heart of same, the battery, will continue to fail as well. For this reason, the best selection for a battery for your car, van or truck would be the battery that ensures stability to the power supply that sets up and maintains all the components of the electrical system.

MAC Batteries are designed using the latest in technology to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance for cars.

How to choose the best battery replacement for my car?

At the moment of replacing the battery of your car, we recommend that you confirm two (2) very important aspects of same: the condition of your car and the quality and/or characteristics of the battery that will be placed in your automobile.Regarding the conditions of your car, you must clearly recognize the references that the manufacturer recommends, such as the specifications regarding the power and size of the box which must be precise.Likewise, you must note any additional accessories that you have installed that also generate energy consumption.

Keeping these requirements in mind, the next step is to validate the characteristics of the battery.For this reason, it is important to ensure the good condition of the electrical system of your car, backed by a recognized brand that guarantees power, durability and safety, as your MAC Battery does.

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What is the average life of a car battery?

It is important that your vehicle battery complies with the minimum requirements recommended by the manufacturer. The starter battery is designed solely and exclusively for quick and instant discharges, such as those that occur during the start-up of a vehicle. Its useful life is given by the fulfillment of the charge and discharge cycles.

The battery can also fail due to external factors due to a faulty electrical system as well as other factors beyond the battery such as: OVERLOAD, OVER-HEATING and INSUFFICIENT LOAD.

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